Living Room

Book shelving and alcove cabinets

The alcove cabinet comes in as many variations as we have customers. The design starts with what you need to store and wish to display alongside the space you are looking to make the best use of. For the style we take cues from the mouldings and proportions of your home combined with your own personal aesthetic.

Years of experience have taught us the optimum gap for a bookshelf, or the usual height to suggest for a worktop, yet all these details will be personalised to you before anything is made.

Television, display and cocktail cabinets!

TV cabinets start with the optimum position for the screen along with how it will be supported and connected. Display cabinets often feature lighting and mirrors to be more of a feature in your room. Drinks cabinets seem to be increasing in popularity, perhaps due to lockdown!

Radiator covers and window seats

Often to hide an unsightly radiator and give a room a more finished look an attractive radiator cabinet works nicely.

A window seat adds some handy storage whilst creating a cosy corner or handy spot to put shoes on.

Often the radiator is in the window so we are also happy to combine the two.

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