How we work

Once your enquiry has been answered by phone or email we book a site or conduct a video call to look at your space and sketch proposed designs for your new furniture.

We pop the info into our quoting tool and send you a quotation.

Once you’ve decided you’d like to go ahead we provide invoice for deposit, 1/3 should you be a private client or 50% if you are a professional, and start preparing CAD drawings of your piece. you have the opportunity to make any adjustments you want to your design, we will revise the drawings and the quote until you fully approve of them. in general customers who are keen to go ahead asap are quick to pay their deposit and we like to take the hint!

Once your drawing has gone into the site confirmed folder then it gets turned into a manufacturing drawing with all the different components drawn to the millimetre on different coloured layers. Once complete a cutting list is done the old fashioned way with pad and pencil then into the workshop to be machined

Once machined your list gets fine sanded before the spraying process begins.

Around six weeks from your deposit we turn up one early morning and run in and out of your house for a bit with lots of stuff. We will cover your floor and furniture as required. Being lovely you have moved breakable stuff and furniture as necessary and possible. A smallish wardrobe should be done in a day. A largish one would probably be a guy coming back the next day for the finishing touches

We do a thorough clean at the end and endeavour to leave your space as clean as when we first arrived.

Balance is due upon happy completion.