Beautifully built in spray finished wardrobes

Our Victorian style is designed to be decorative without being florid. The cock bead detailing we put around the framing does a subtle job of adding shadow detail and interest as well as forming attractive joints in the corners where the moulding flows round. A larger version of it is found all over Victorian homes particularly around sash windows and front doors.

The cabinet doors have a deep panel achieved by a separate back panel which also has scotia detail. This means the panel mould can be the same size as the ones in original doors without projecting. The one we use as standard has the conventional ogee along with an additional quirk and round over for additional effect.

The cornice we use is large and decorative enough to look proportionate without being florid. It will either project around the front of the chimney breast and return into it or be cut square just behind it depending on the chimneybreast depth and customer preference.

The worktop moulding used on top of drawer units and window seats is an attractive mix of bullnose and scotia which is always seen on the front and often also the side on Victorian staircase steps.